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“We Are All Animals” with Leslie Heywood

Smaller Narratives for a Larger World
Smaller Narratives for a Larger World
"We Are All Animals" with Leslie Heywood

“Scientifically, no one life form is better than another. It’s all of those evaluative hierarchies that we’re still struggling with and that still are the basis of all the oppositions between human/animal, black/white, male/female, self/other all of those oppositions which have been used to categorically define it as one group that is different from and superior to another.”

In this episode, Leslie and Cole chat about the controversial “evolution of man” image, fear’s effect on the body, the Mozart effect on chickens, and much, much, more. Leslie describes, with compassion and wisdom, the tough circumstances surrounding her experience losing her son during childbirth. You can find her related creative nonfiction essay, “Precious, but Not Human” here.

Leslie Heywood is Professor of English and Creative Writing at Binghamton University.  She is the author of the memoir Pretty Good for a Girl, four books of poetry, and four academic books on gender, the body, third wave feminism, and women’s sports.

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