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“The Water Always Won” with George Homsy

Smaller Narratives for a Larger World
Smaller Narratives for a Larger World
"The Water Always Won" with George Homsy

Everyone says, ‘Act Local, Think Global,’ but most people ‘Act Local, Think Local’ because that’s what they know and that’s okay––It’s the system they’re in. It’s the way we’ve developed. But when we do that we end up in our little silos.

In this episode, George and Cole talk about environmental justice, the Boston clean up, localism vs. globalism, composting with worms, and much more. George offers us new ways to connect the dots between our behaviors and the environmental impact they cause, as well as how the three E’s of sustainability: equity, environment, economy, can improve our approach to a greener future.

George Homsy is the Director of Environmental Studies and Associate Professor at Binghamton University. His research centers on sustainability and citizen participation in local government policymaking. He began his investigation of local governments and sustainability as a journalist with the public radio news magazine Living on Earth, which he co-founded and co-produced.


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